Little About Crystolver

Hi, my name is Malissa, owner and designer of Crystolver started in 2019. I believe jewellery can bring not only outer but also inner beauty. Therefore, I have a great obsession with gemstone and crystal that have healing properties added to their eye-catching beauty. Also, every gemstone is unique in colour and pattern, you can't find two identical gems just like you can't find two identical souls.
These are the reasons why I started Crystolver. I want to create and design more healing jewelleries by incorporating gemstone in our everyday jewellery that you will see my design tends to be minimalist and lightweight. I want to bring comfort to your busy lifestyle and be the best version of yourself to accept day-to-day challenges. The listing here may not include all the designs or you may have some special ideas. Please feel free to reach out and discuss further, I will try my best to help.
Crystolver has now grown to a team of three thanks to all your support. We also start creating more bespoke designs with more advanced techniques such as silver casting and stone setting. Let's stay tuned and get connected through multi-channels xx